Designing a Metaverse NFT Gallery

Designing a Metaverse NFT Gallery


Designing a Metaverse NFT Gallery

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to designing are gallery spaces for the metaverse. After a year of searching for a platform where I could use my software as an architect to create a virtual space, I finally found one.

In this video, I’ll share the different virtual platforms I considered and the one that I used to design Minima Gallery, minted and available on OpenSea.

Here are the metaverse platforms I talk about in the video:

Here’s my architecture design setup:
Alienware Laptop:
Logitech MX3 Master:
Laptop Cooling Pad (Must have for Alienware Laptops):
Bose Headphones (For concentration and video editing):
Cold Brew Coffee Maker (For the late nights):
Lumion Pro:
Autodesk Revit:

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